Daja Joseph
Royal Executive Founder

 Certified Life Coach, Counselor and Educator are just a few of Daja’s trainings and gifts. When trying to capture Daja Joseph’s personality in one word, resilient stands out the most. Daja Joseph, graduated of Delaware State University with a degree in Psychology and Education. She is two-time published author of “Living in a World Without and Winning from Within” and “Jump to IT & Do it”. She is the founder and CEO of her nonprofit, Building Kings & Queens Incorporated, and a state worker who was a nominee of the NJ Governors Award. 

     Daja Joseph is living everyday like it’s her last! She is all about the youth and making sure they know it doesn’t matter where you come from, if one understands the future that holds where you’re going! She believes when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  We never know when our last day is coming, so choose to be the light wherever you go because someone is always watching.

     Daja wants to live in a world filled with people eager to show love and improve the lives of others. She has volunteered with many local nonprofit collectives in her hometown.  She shows the youth that it is better to serve than be served. 

     When Daja is not doing her best to help someone grow beyond their comfort zone, and trying to save the world, she is exploring it to the best of her ability. Recently a recipient of the ATAP Kwanzaa "Building for the Future" Award. She was also recognized in the Marketing Journal article produced by Live Bold for Sowing the Seeds of Royalty. Daja lives in the motto: Create. Inspire. Encourage. You are created by the creator with a gift. Inspire others for you are an example of Light and Positivity. Wear IT! And always encourage others; for the journey is unknown but seeing it through has so many rewards.

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