Shannon Slamp
Royal Director of Operations

     I work for Ruotolo, Spewak & Company, an accounting and auditing firm in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. As the Director of Client Solutions and Operations Manager, I am responsible for tax processing, invoicing and collections, marketing and  assisting clients with any problems they may have. As the Operations Manager, I handle all firm accounts receivable, payable, payroll and day to day operations. 

     I started at RSCO in 2016, and have been growing in responsibilities. Through a former non-profit we partnered with I was able to mentor college students, and students from the Y.A.L.E school in administration and marketing. I have been able to join many committees where I learned which causes I wanted to stand for. On one of this committees is where I met Daja. Once I heard about BKQ, Inc. I immediately was drawn to her mission and joined her next meeting, where the rest was history.

     Joining Daja and her already formed committee was something that was so easy to meld to. Daja is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She is so welcoming that agreeing to any help she needed came easy. I love to use my many years in administration to help her with taking board meeting minutes, create flyers, donations and connections. I love going to the skate night with my family. I am looking forward to helping more with the marketing. I am excited to see this non-profit grow to where it can be broken out by counties and reach more of New Jersey.

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